At GRUPO HOB, we understand the figure of the advisor as an essential element within any company.

In today’s economy, today more than ever, high expertise is required regarding tax, labor and accounting processes that guarantee the proper development of business activity. 

The slightest error in the management of these issues could have serious consequences, both in personal life and in business development, leading to serious sanctions for non-compliance with the regulations.


We thoroughly analyze each of our clients’ needs, taking into account all the factors that may affect or improve the performance of their company and assets.

Consulting in Alicante with more than 15 years of professional experience, experts in tax, accounting, and labor issues.

All departments work hand in hand to offer solutions based on the trust and security of having an expert team that will look after your interests.



We offer a continuous service of tax, accounting, labor, strategic, financial and legal advice to companies, self-employed individuals and individuals, as well as entrepreneurs.

We are aware that managing all these areas is a real headache and without the help of a professional, it can be disastrous.

Our objective is to cover all the needs of the company in these fiscal, accounting, legal, financial and strategic aspects and not only offer our clients solutions to their problems, but also help them prevent them.

We provide a complete and comprehensive service, which guarantees their quality, thanks to each of the areas and departments that make up our company (HOB Asesores, HOB Consultores, HOB Abogados and HOB HR).

Tax Consulting

Our tax services are very broad and complete, adapting to all types of businesses regardless of their needs.

  • Analysis of the business and establishment of the tax regime for its taxation
  • Tax advice, preparation and management
  • Preparation and monthly and quarterly presentation of VAT and Personal Income Tax
  • Non-resident income tax and withholdings
  • Corporate tax
  • Digital certificate processing
  • Advice on international operations
  • Challenge of tax assessments
  • Comprehensive management of electronic notifications
  • Management of foundations, associations and other non-profit entities
Accounting Consulting

We not only deal with analyzing company accounting and analyzing balance sheets, our service also incorporates an alert system for economic and financial incidents.

  • Advice and management of companies and self-employed workers
  • Supervision and recommendations on the company’s treasury
  • Accounting procedures
  • Internal audits
  • Analytical accounting
  • Preparation of specific accounting plans
  • Verification of compliance with accounting regulations
  • Dashboards for monitoring activity and financial reports
Commercial Consulting

Commercial advice guarantees compliance with the administrative and legal obligations of your company. In addition, we provide answers and solutions to aspects such as:

  • Constitution of societies
  • Preparation and legislation of accounting books
  • Presentation of accounts in the commercial registry… 

Necessary especially in new constitutions to establish the legal and practical foundations of the company.

Employment advice

We work to respond to our clients in labor solutions, both entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and employees. Our main objective is to optimize the needs of the internal structure of the team.

  • Preparation of contracts, ERTES, extensions, registrations, cancellations
  • Preparation of payrolls, settlements and social insurance
  • Debt management with Social Security
  • Representation and assistance before the labor inspection and the S.M.A.C
  • Registration of companies and work centers
  • Guidance on collective and company agreements
  • Management and application of labor-related bonuses and deductions
  • Processing of immigration and work permits
  • Labor aid and subsidies
  • Negotiation with unions


We consider this type of advice to cover specific needs that may arise in the lives of our clients or in that of their company, such as business restructuring, tax checks and inspections, tax litigation…

Specific advice includes a much more specialized type of advice that responds to compromised situations that require it.

A personalized service adapted to each client and each problem or circumstance.


Tax Planning


  • Analysis and definition of the tax structure that best suits your company’s business model.
  • Business Restructuring.
  • Refinancing
  • Investment restructuring
  • Guidance and advice in restructuring processes of family businesses
  • Pre-closures, valuation of distant fiscal closure alternatives
  • Special regimes
  • Tax treatment of foundations, associations and other non-profit entities
Tax Checks


  • Advice and support in verification and inspection procedures. Collection procedures.
  • Economic/administrative claims (preparation, presentation and control)
  • Requirements (preparation, presentation and control)
  • Replacement Resources (preparation, presentation and control)
Tax Litigation
  • Contentious taxation
  • Legal Defense of Tax Procedures
  • Information and reporting on tax legislative modifications and jurisprudential developments.
  • Replacement resources and tax claims
    Family Business


    • Complete legal-tax advice to family businesses
    • Study and design of the structure that best adapts to the needs of each family business.
    • Study and definition of the most appropriate remuneration policy for the family structure.
    • Supervision and advice on the best succession practices within the family business.
    • Design and development of family succession protocols that guarantee the continuity and growth of the company.
    • Family Office Management



    We have what you are looking for! Check out all our services for entrepreneurs, book your appointment with one of our expert advisors, and let Grupo HOB make your ideas a reality.

    WHY WE?


    In addition to experience as a group, all members of our organization have extensive knowledge and experience in business management. We have also been in your place.


    We love our work and we love transmitting our passion through personalized, fast, friendly and effective attention.



    We offer our best version. We are oriented to offer the best results to our clients. Our commitment is the desire for excellence.


    We base all our solutions on a relationship of trust and mutual transparency with our clients to achieve the best results.

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